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Numerology Software

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How It Works

If you are serious about Numerology Software and Personal Readings, take a few minutes to read this page.

  • How does numerology software work?
  • What is the deciding factor when it comes to depth, accuracy, and the level of specific and personal information in the readings produced with this kind of software?
  • Do you want a program that creates reports with different numbers for different people, yet containing much the exact same text?  Of course not.

First, the basics:

Every numerology software program consists of two main parts: the chart calculator and the data base of text files.

  • The chart calculator is important and must contain the proper algorithms.
  • However, the database of text files is the real meat and bones of the program.
Simply put: The more complete and extensive this database is, the more accurate and specific the reports will be.

To cover every number and every possible number combination in as much depth as possible, each aspect must be handled on it's own merits.
While a certain degree of compatibility between numbers should be included texts should never be made to apply to more than one number in a chart.  This "sharing of text files" makes the report by definition more general and less specific to the individual.

All numerology report writer programs on the market today share text files among similar numbers found in different locations of a chart.

Decoz software is the only exception.

The numerological database in our Personal Profiles & Forecasts programs is many times larger than that of our nearest competitor.  This allows the software to work without ever "sharing texts" among similar numbers, and yet produce reports almost twice as extensive as any other report writer out there.  This was not an easy feat.  It took Hans Decoz and Tom Monte more than 3 years to lay the foundation for this data base, and the next 15 years to continue adding and improving the data to bring it to the current size; unmatched by anyone, including any astrology program.

At least one software producer claims that his software "oversees" the chart — this, of course, is not true.  They simply bundled the texts to cover two numbers at a time.  The problem is that with that system, a person with a 3 Heart's Desire and a 5 Expression still gets the exact same description as a person with a 3 Expression and a 5 Heart's Desire — in other words, back to sharing text files.

"Sharing" text files works as follows:

Other programs, when explaining the influence of, for example,  a 9 Heart's Desire, a 9 Personality, or a 9 Expression, simply describe just the 9 in general and make it apply to each of these core numbers.

How does that affect the quality of the reports?

If you are familiar with numerology, you know that a number found in one area of the chart does not affect a person in the same way as when that same number is found in another part of the chart.
In fact, a 9 Personality number has a very different meaning than a 9 Heart's Desire or a 9 Expression.  They do not influence an individual in the same way at all.

It would be like an astrology report writer that applies the same explanation to a chart with Mars in the second House, as when Mars is found in the third or fourth house.


Let us say that 3 individuals, John, Pete, and Mary, all have the same core numbers different places.

John has a 3 Heart's Desire, a 5 Personality, an 8 Expression.
Mary has a 3 Personality, a 5 Expression, an 8 Heart's Desire.
Pete has a 3 Expression, a 5 Heart's Desire, an 8 Personality.

If the software used to generate numerology reports for these three people "shares text files" as explained above, all three will end up with the exact same report.  This is neither personal nor specific.

Decoz report writer software is the only program on the market that will, in the above example, produce three distinctly different reports, each accurate and specific to the individual.

Our Commitment:

From the beginning, Tom Monte and Hans Decoz decided not to compromise.

It is their commitment to the art and science of numerology, that makes each and every one of our programs stand head and shoulders above other programs.  There is simply no comparison when it comes to detailed and client-specific personal readings.

More facts:

  • Several aspects, such as Bridge Numbers, the Balance Number, Subconscious Self, Minor core numbers, and others, are found only in Decoz software — no other numerology software program includes these important aspects.
  • Our flagship program, the Personal Profiles & Forecasts software includes not only Personality Profiles, but also all Forecasting Cycles, even day-by-day forecasts.  You can make any kind of personal reading with this complete program.
  • All our software programs analyze not only the full name at birth, but also the name you use today; the way you introduce yourself, or a nickname.
  • Our software is compatible with the systems used by such authors as Kevin Quinn Avery, Juno Jordan, Florence Campbell, and most other western numerologists.

All our programs are compatible with all Windows operating systems.

Excerpted from Accurate Numerology Talk (

There are several software producers.  Almost all these programs are void of any real depth and insight.  The reports often are general (after all; they are computer-generated), and incomplete.  Some producers try to make up for it by throwing in some graphics and lots of introductory texts to fill up the pages.

We have, among our members, several professional numerologists who own one or more professional versions.  This allowed us to do some comparisons.  We won't waste your time comparing programs we don't feel are worthy of your time and money.

Decoz Numerology Software.  5 stars

A true exception to the statements above, is the numerology software for Windows created by the authors of Numerology; Key To Your Inner Self, Hans Decoz with Tom Monte.  Extensive, detailed, and specific, the reports produced with their software are truly amazing.  The software is stable, can be used with all Windows platforms, and is regularly updated.

The authors, Hans Decoz and Tom Monte devoted almost a decade to writing most of the text material from which the program draws to compose a reading.  They claim that their software contains the largest numerology data base in the world, and this is probably true.  More impressive, however, is the fact that the authors not only wrote in-depth descriptions for each possible number found in any location in a chart, (no other program does that) they also looked at how certain core numbers within an individual's chart relate to each other.

We test drove Decoz's professional version DecozProPlus v.5.0, combining specific names and birth dates that would make it clear if any texts were duplicates, general, or otherwise reflected shortcuts.  We found none.  In fact, the reports were unique and highly revealing in each case.  Master numbers and Karmic Debt numbers were used, and the relationship between core numbers within one chart were looked at in a way we found particularly useful and unique; the Bridge numbers.  The reports are very well written (not surprisingly, considering that Tom Monte is the author of more than 20 books, two of which were New York Times best sellers).  Every paragraph in a personal report done with this software contains some insight or revelation.

The software is easy to use and highly customizable.


When rating numerology software programs, Bon-usage software received the poorest rating, Decoz software rated best.

End of excerpt. -A.N.T