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Our free numerology software "Short-Profiles" is identical to the Personal Profiles & Forecasts program, but with limited topics turned on.

Short-Profiles produces 5 to 7 page Personality Profiles.  See a sample report. All our numerology programs, including Short-Profiles, share the same interface we call the Master Program.

New: Short-Profiles numerology program now produces reports in 3 languages. Switch easily from English to Spanish or Portuguese.

Features included in both our standard and professional numerology software programs:

The software is extremely user friendly. You will be up and creating reports within minutes after installation.

  • The program opens with a “home page” that offers one-click access to all 6 purchasable programs, the 4 free programs, the complete numerology audio course, the license and upgrade section, and extensive ‘How to’ and Help manuals.
  • A Preferences dialog box lets you:
    Set your default choice to output reports in your own word processor or the program’s internal word processor
    • Select if you want the program to assign the Y and W letters as vowels or consonants, or if you want to make that decision yourself
    • Choose which of 3 different calculation methods you want to use in calculating the Life Path
    • Enter YOUR name or business name to appear on the title page of every report as in: This report was created by … (professional versions only)
    • Set default font size, type, etc.
    • Set default topics to be included in the reports
    • Select whether or not to save names and dates of birth as you enter them – for recall at some later date
  • Each program has additional features that vary somewhat from program to program, such as duration of cycles, how many topics to include, and so forth.


Try any numerology software program, in fact, try any metaphysical software program (astrology, tarot, numerology) and you will find that reports generated with Decoz numerology software puts all the others to shame. Not only that, our numerology software is the only software of it's kind that does not use "text sharing" (applying the same text to two different aspects in a chart)!